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Meet Paradigm

Paradigm is the product of five years of research and development resulting in the first commercially available synthesizer based on dynamically programmable analog signal processing technology.

Unlike conventional analog synthesizers, Paradigm is uniquely capable of dynamically restructuring its own circuitry in real-time, thereby enabling a degree of flexibility and control that has not been previously possible in the analog domain.

This is made possible by an array of four “Apex” programmable analog chips, the third generation of such devices developed by Anadigm Corporation.

Analog Circuit Configurations

Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

3x Voltage Controlled Oscillators with PWM, Oscillator Sync (1->2) and Frequency Modulation

1x Multimode filter, 12db or 24db rolloff, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, Band-Pass, and Bandstop

Noise Generator (Pink or White)

Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer

2x Digital Wavetable Oscillators per note

1x Multimode filter per note, 12db or 24db rolloff, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, Band-Pass, and Bandstop

Stereo Analog Multimode Filter + Overdrive Amp


Microcontroller / FPU: 216MHz Renesas SH726B RISC Processor

Analog Signal Processors: Anadigm Apex AN231E04 x 4

MIDI: In / Out / Thru


Digital Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Reverb, Delay

Keyboard: Full size semi-weighted three octaves (37 Keys)


USB: Type B for MIDI-over-USB and Firmware Updates

Optical S/Pdif (In and Out)

Power: 18 VAC / 2A